Are tech bootcamps worth it? 

Coding bootcamps have consistently helped people break into high-paying tech roles with little or no experience. However, with the often high cost of tuition, questions on their legitimacy exist for many. Here are some things to think about if you are considering joining a coding bootcamp: 

  • What things will the bootcamp teach and does that align with the type of job I’m looking to get?
  • What is the length of the program. What will I need to do to be present and undistracted during my time there?
  • When will I need to pay back the bootcamp? What if I don’t get a job after, will I still need to pay their cost of tuition?
  • Do they partner with companies to increase my likelihood of getting a job after the bootcamp is complete?
  • Have I already tried to self-teach for at least 2-3 months?

Make sure you ask these questions to yourself and the bootcamp before deciding that this is your next step. Due to the likely large cost you’ll be signing up for, I often see traditional coding bootcamps as the worst case scenario. Do some self-teaching first and be honest with yourself about how that process is going. If it’s going well, I see no reason to change things up. 

Some bootcamps fail to meet expectations. They make exuberant promises they can’t fulfill. Often, these promises relate to when you’ll get a job and how much you’ll end up making.

  • Other bootcamps fail to give real-world experiences and hands-on projects to students. So much time is spent learning coding concepts but never actually seeing those practices in action.
  • Other bootcamps provide everything listed above and so much more. I went to a bootcamp myself and it was absolutely worth it.
  • Before enrolling for a bootcamp, take out time to do your research. Check for information like the course outline, projects, job-placement rate, cost, and scholarships. You can also reach out to graduates of the bootcamp to give reviews before enrolling.