How to gain work experience

To apply for a job, you need experience. To get experience, you need a job. Ain’t that some buuuu…

Here are some ways to gain experience without having experience!

1. Join hackathons: Hackathons are a fun way to collaborate with other developers, build software or hardware solutions, and sometimes win amazing prizes. 🤩 

2. Contribute to open source: Simply put, open source is source code that is made publicly available for modification. Contributing to open source projects helps you see code through the perspective of other developers. And you know what other thing it does? It shows potential employers that you have the skills needed to be a good developer. ✨ 

3. Freelance: You can also start freelancing. This is an opportunity to work with different people, hone your skills and make money while at it. 

All these things add relevant coding experience to your resume while also having built-in networking opportunities.